Beat Magazine

"Donovan is reflective, contemplating the good, bad and indifferent of the world around her; in Donovan’s voice, it’s all worth listening to. Great soul singers are born, not made, and Emma Donovan is a charismatic soul singer for the ages."

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PATRICK EMERY, 23rd December 2014

Okay Player

"Driven by brutally honest lyricism, irresistible percussion and a purist’s respect for the funk and soul tradition, Dawn hearkens back to the heyday of Stax and Atlantic Recordings. Combining the sick harmonies and tender sensibilities of r&b with a decidedly sinister edge, Emma Donovan & The PutBacks have created a singular project that will command spins and ultimately stand the test of time."

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KARASLAMB, 14th December 2014

Wax Poetics

“Emma’s voice is everything you’d want in a soul singer. She’s the real deal.”

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Devin Rimer, 17th September 2014

Pop Matters

“A tour de force of funk and soul hailing from the land down under”

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Brice Ezell, 27th October 2014

Rolling Stones Magazine (aus)

"Donovan can front a well-oiled soul band in her sleep"

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Doug Wallen, 18th December 2014

Bottle Neck Cafe

Within a few minutes of putting the needle to the vinyl you can tell that there’s something special about this group of musicians.

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, 18th November 2014

The Australian

Dawn is a timeless album. It may be derivative, but it has an indigenous soul.

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Tony Hiller , 29th November 2014

Inside World Music

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks are not something you want to 'put back' on the shelf. These musicians are not to be missed.

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Matthew Forss, 3rd November 2014

Soul Music and Beyond

Donovan’s raw, soulful vocals are equally as commanding of the listener’s attention, as she conveys struggle and strength effortlessly.

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Kitten Jam, 22nd September 2014